The staff at Casa De Mini is knowledgeable and experienced in the storage industry and will be able to help you find the perfect unit to fit all your stuff. Don’t waste money on a storage unit that is too big for your belongings. On the flipside, you don’t want to be frustrated when you aren’t able to fit everything into your storage space.

Check out what we currently have available

Casa De Mini has the largest variety of sizes in the South Bay.   With so many sizes to choose from you won’t have to rent more space than you need.  Call now and our experienced staff will help find the right space for you.
See the huge variety of storage unit sizes we have available to our customers below. We have the type of storage unit you may be looking for, including outdoor drive up spaces, indoor spaces and affordable, second level spaces. We have units ranging from 16 sq/ft all the way up to 365 sq/ft and lots of sizes in between. We will help you find the right size space for you.

Drive Up Spaces

SizeSq. Feet
5X840 sq.ft.
6X1060 sq.ft.
8X1080 sq.ft.
6X1060 sq.ft.
8X972 sq.ft.
9090 sq.ft.
10X12120 sq.ft.
10X17170 sq.ft.
10X21.5215 sq.ft.
10X24.5245 sq.ft.

Indoor Spaces

SizeSq. Feet
4X520 sq.ft.
7X749 sq.ft.
5X1050 sq.ft.
6X1060 sq.ft.
7X1070 sq.ft.
6X1272 sq.ft.
8X1080 sq.ft.

Indoor Second Level Spaces

SizeSq. Feet
4X624 sq.ft.
4X728 sq.ft.
5X735 sq.ft.
5X1050 sq.ft.
6X954 sq.ft.
6X1060 sq.ft.
7X963 sq.ft.
8X864 sq.ft.
6X12.575 sq.ft.
8X1080 sq.ft.
6X1590 sq.ft.
7.5X12.594 sq.ft.
9696 sq.ft.
6X1696 sq.ft.
7X15105 sq.ft.
7X16112 sq.ft.
7X17119 sq.ft.
8X16128 sq.ft.
12X12.5150 sq.ft.
14X12.5175 sq.ft.

Sizing Guide

Use our sizing guide to estimate the amount of space you need.  Don’t worry, we have many more sizes than you see below.   Once you have an idea of how much space you need, call our helpful staff.   They will work with you to find the right size space from our huge selection.

When you rent with us you won’t have to rent more than you need!


Ideal for storing the contents of a small closet or large locker.


Our 5′ x 5′ storage units are perfect for storing the contents of a large closet.


Store the furnishings of 1 to 2 rooms with our 5′ x 10′ units.


Our 8′ x 10′ storage units are ideal for storing the furnishings of a 1 to 2 bedroom apartment.


Our 10′ x 12′ storage units are designed to store the furnishings of a 2 bedroom home.


Store the furnishings of a 2 to 3 bedroom home with our 10′ x 17′ units.


Our 10′ x 24′ storage units are designed to store the furnishings of a 3 to 4 bedroom home.

Representations are approximate and the number of storable items will depend on the dimensions of those items.

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