Family-owned and operated since 1976!

Casa De Mini has been serving the South Bay since 1976 with the largest variety of storage spaces in San Jose, CA.  When you rent with us you can find the right fit for your belongings so you won’t pay rent for space you don’t need. We offer a large selection of units with drive-up access, indoor spaces and really affordable second level spaces. Casa De Mini has been family owned and operated since 1976 and our experience shows. If you’re in the San Jose area and looking for a high quality self storage unit, visit Casa De Mini to see what we can offer. We work hard to be the best storage rental company around. Come on in and find a storage unit that fits your needs.

Clean and Green

“We are the clean and green storage place”  – Jim

“Casa has a really small carbon foot print now.” – Sue

“Not only green but really clean.” – Ann

Casa De Mini has been 100% solar powered since 2009.  We create enough clean energy to run our entire business.

At Casa De Mini we pay attention to the details.  Keeping our environment clean by investing in solar technology is just one of the details that makes Casa De Mini San Jose’s premier storage place.

To make sure we produce as much clean energy as possible we keep our panels really clean.  It’s extra work but it’s important to keep those clean energy electrons moving as efficiently as possible.

Superior Maintenance

We pay attention to the details…

Since we are a family business, we take special care to make sure our customers have a superior storage experience. Paying attention to the details to make sure everything runs smoothly at our facility is the key to accomplishing that goal.

We take pride in our exceptional maintenance…

At Casa De Mini we are always exploring options to improve the facility. Whether it’s painting, fencing, paving or keeping up with the latest industry standards, we strive to be the best maintained facility in the South Bay.

We keep Casa De Mini spotless…

We know that a clean, well maintained facility is extremely important to our customers. Owners and staff make cleanliness a priority, so it’s not unusual to see sweeping, polishing and paint touchups going on throughout the facility. When you come to Casa De Mini, we think you’ll see the difference.

We look even better than the day we opened…

My children’s goal of making Casa De Mini better every year makes me proud. I’m amazed every time I visit the facility to see one of the kids working on a new improvement project or installing some new technology. It’s very satisfying for me to see the place looking even better than the day we opened back in 1976.


I store at Casa De Mini because they are 100% solar powered so I store clean and green.


Casa De Mini is the best maintained facility I’ve seen anywhere in the South Bay.


Casa De Mini has such a wide variety of sizes I didn’t have to rent more space than I needed.


Space Experts

When you come to Casa De Mini you’ll be working with a team that has real experience in space.  Our family has been in the storage business since 1976.  That’s more than three decades of providing superior storage solutions in San Jose.  So when you need storage, turn to the space experts. “We have so many sizes to choose from you won’t waste money on space you don’t need.  It’s our spatial acuity that’s makes the difference at Casa De Mini.” – Ann “I have been working in the self storage business since 1987 and have watched the industry grow and change.  I’ve learned what people need in storage and now I’m part of the space expert team.” – Sue